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Wakayama Marina-City THE MAP OF PARK  THE Kuroshio MARKET  The Kinokuni Fruit Village ORALBA PORT Kishu Kuroshio Onsen Royal Pines Hotel
Every day three times THE Kuroshio MARKET Preparation show  of tuna Sashimi will be sold on site Except for fresh tuna, you can also taste or buy Wakayama local seafood in KUROSHIO market, and KUROSHIO market is the biggest seafood market in there. Every Saturday is the 'Morning Market' of usual practice, and fishman discharged the fresh and cheaper seafood in Thursday from second and fourth week. The value of this food is beyond its price.
There are three anatomic shows of tuna within a day
Tuna total production of the world, between about 1.5 million tons, of which 700,000 tons in Japan, selling, another 600,000 tons are used as sashimi. As the production of KUROSHIO market, there are about 500 million sets including the upper abdomen, the abdomen, and the lean meat. And one set will be one sashimi for one person. Most Japanese like to eat tuna sashimi, especially when the tuna just unloaded from cargoes. Because they are in best situation and fill with oil in that moment.  Such a huge tuna, under the artisan's ingenious knife, it can cut so bold and fast. The high-quality tuna, the cutting fish head has full of grease under the person's massage, the flavor is like to your heart is melting when you eat.  Every day three times
The best recommendable menu is upper belly!
As one part of the sushi, the upper belly of tuna is very rare and precious. But you can get it in one-third price here.  The upper belly will melt naturally in your mouth and the delicious feeling is so incredible.
Fresh tuna will be sold on site
Recommended! High-quality, fresh tuna!
The upper belly of tuna will melt in your mouth instantly. And the middle belly of tuna is the king of sashimi which full of suitable oil. The sushi made by tuna in Kuroshio market is popular in Japan.
The map of Kuroshio market Fresh tuna of the season  The fresh food for barbecue will be sold here 1  2  3 4 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 13 14 15 16 18 19 19 20
Packed with shooting spot! Lively and nostalgic cityscape When coming to the market, let’s take a commemorative photo!
Discount coupon on WEB Beverage area bill Have 10% discount The expired day :2014/05/31 [Propose conditions]Kuroshio market  official website [Terms of use]Please check your sushi, seafood rice bowl, and BBQ out in beverage area.  The discount coupon is not allowed used with other promotion.
Kuroshio market official website
Satisfying your hunger in Kuroshio market Shopping
The Kinokuni Fruit Village
Keyword is 「Good Taste」
Here you can buy fresh local Wakayama fruits and vegetables at great prices. And also the fresh juice made by local fruit. And you can also eat the ice-cream made with milk from the Kurosawa ranch. You can buy
Kinokuni Fruit Village
Here you can buy fresh local Wakayama fruits and vegetables at great prices.There are also delicious food ,such as juice,ice-cream made with fresh fruit and milk , and original rolled cake made with high-quality sugar “Wasanbon”.
Fruits, vegetables, and specialty products Citrus Fruit's counter top
The nature of grace that comes from seasonal fruits, vegetables and rice. It's very fresh and cheap from the production for farmers directly to here.  We also have a wide variety of Wakayama's original local specialties. Please drink squeezed fresh fruit juice from Wakayama's oranges and peaches.
Kurosawa ranch Snack shop
The ice-cream made with milk from the Kurosawa ranch is very popular. You should not miss that. “Wasanbon”, a high-quality sugar, was introduced by Tokugawa Yoshimune (1684~1751) as part of his policy to encourage domestic production. It is now being utilized as an ingredient in sponges and custard creams to achieve the elegant flavor of the popular “Kinokuni Rolls.” The curry produced by Royal Pines Group can be also purchased here.
There are in rich variety of fresh seasonal produce
Wakayama marinacity Website
The map of Marinacity THE Kuroshio MARKET  The Kinokuni Fruit Village ORALBA PORT Kishu Kuroshio Onsen Royal Pines Hotel
At Wakayama Marinacity Porto Europe
ORALBA PORT A full-scale reproduction of streets in France, Italy & Spain have been constructed within a romantic theme park surrounded by the ocean. Except the event, you can also enjoy the attractions inside.
Let's have fun in Porto Europe
Porto Europe is the theme park which American film company used the most advanced expertise to show.The medieval Mediterranean port street art, stone and red brick bricks European Street, and park also has drop 22 centimeters high-Diving activities and amusement park
Pinester A pineapple-shaped tropical roller coaster which runs through the jungle and past waterfalls. 4D Theatre Settle into the specially-designed seats and experience 4D Theatre with popular Japanese anime characters. High-Diving Take an exhilarating, 22-meter plunge into the splashing, super-fast stream below! A water ride that is sure to inspire screams of excitement! Honey Hatch Ride on the back of a cute animated character which rhythmically hops and bounces around the honey pot.
There are other facilities, allowing you to enjoy the fun
Experience to touch the dolphins! Dolphin Park. Let's get together enjoyed and see dolphins in Porto Europe. While you can take ship and touch dolphins, and also appreciate dolphins swimming posture. TIME: about 20-25 MINS    MEMBER: ABOUT 12 PERSONS (5-7 TIMES PER DAY)
Packed with shooting spot! Romantic cityscape When you come into Porto Europe, do not forget to take commemorative photos!
Wakayama marinacity Website
If you fell so tired, please enjoy the natural hot-spring in the vast blue sky.
Kishu Kuroshio Onsen Natural hot spring of a superb view overlooking the sea
Features of Kishu Kuroshio hot spring
A hot spring differs in the osmotic pressure to a human body, and is classified into 'hypertonicity, isotonicity, and hypotonicity' according to the total amount (depth) of the ingredient which has melted. The hot spring water in which 10,000 mg or more of total amounts of the ingredient which has melted into 1 kg of hot spring water are contained is called hypertonicity. In the hypertonicity hot spring where osmotic pressure is high, the ingredient of a hot spring enters the inside of the body easily. 
If a hot spring ingredient enters the inside of the body, ingredients, such as a mineral in the living body, will be condensed. 
Wastes, a toxin, etc. are simultaneously discharged from the inside of the body together with moisture, such as sweat, and the natural detox effect is expected.  Chloride spring by the component of salt contained in the hot spring, it is connected with sebum, protein, etc. in a cutaneous surface, and a salt film is formed. It makes it hard for the film to wrap skin like a thin veil on the surface of skin, and to escape in moisture and the heat of skin -- ' -- gently -- '- ' -- the moisturizing and the keeping-warm effect that 'continues repeatedly are brought about. Moreover, a chloride spring is also called 'hot water of heat', and raises the temperature of the skin, and it urges perspiration to it. Since the body is warmed from a core according to an effect with a salt film and the temporal duration of energy consumption also becomes long, it is effective also for a direction to go on 'oversensitivity to cold' ,'a diet' and 'metabolic ones'.
Large bathhouse Open-air bathhouse Sauna with a view of the sea
Wakayama marinacity Website
At Wakayama Marina-City Staying at a resort hotel!
To enjoy the blue sky and fresh air in fashion resort
Resort stay to feel comfortable sea breeze
Royal Pines Hotel is a resort adjacent to the yacht harbor, with all rooms facing the ocean. The designs of all 99 rooms have recently been renewed and revitalised.
With a balcony that overlooks the yacht harbor and blue sea beyond, the scenery is like that of a tropical resort. The warm, orange hues of the sea and sky at sunset are particularly captivating.
「Tuna disassembling performance at breakfast」held every day!
At the seafood market located in Wakayama Marina City in daily 3 times has held up tuna disassembling performance. In Wakayama Prefecture has been identified as 'excellent product Wakayama (High-quality-Wakayama) Sightseeing assets & Arts department. People can watch powerful performance the huge tuna is disassembled at the time! On time we also offer delicious Nigiri-sushi which use fresh tuna disassembled on popular show in the hotel's morning.
Affecting breakfast. An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.
Japanese food buffet style with plenty local ingredients 'inspirational breakfast'.
With Wakayama Prefecture brand plum 'Kishu nanko plums', Arida Orange juice 100%juice, 
To enjyo「Exquisite- dried ash saury」and 'Tamago Kake Gohan' only soy sauce with 「Kishu-plum-egg」. 
 There are variety of food ingredients such as bread baked in the hotel's bakery.
In good weather, on the terrace and enjoy a breakfast.
Wakayama Marina City  combines  every facilities, come on to enjoy that.